Visit the Ticker page in your EZ-AD

Go to your EZ-AD dashboard, go to the panel on the left-hand side of the page and click on "Ticker". You will be redirected to the Ticker page.
How to find the ticker feature within EZ-AD's platform

Click on, "Add Ticker Message"

At the top of the ticker page, you will see the "Add Ticker Message" button, once you click on this, a window will open within the page, and you can begin creating your scrolling ticker.
How to add ticker messages to your ez-ad tv

You can now add your first message

Use the text box to add and edit the text of your scrolling ticker message.
Add your message and the message will scroll at the bottom of your Digital Signage Screen (EZ-AD TV)

You can select a social media handle

Here you can choose to add the handle to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or add a custom one. Select which handle you want to display on the scrolling ticker and it will auto-populate the handle to your scrolling ticker message.
You can also add your facebook handle on the message so that they can follow you

Once complete, select publish now and click "Add Message"

After clicking "Add Message", you will be redirected back to the main Ticker page.
Add Message will automatically post the message on an EZ-AD Digital Signage Screen for you!

Personalize your ticker by clicking on "Ticker Options"

Here you can change the color of the text and shadow of the scrolling ticker or choose to have it display at the same time as static images on your TV screens. You can even add your logo to customize the scrolling ticker further.
You can change the settings of your ticker or scrolling text however you'd like

Once you're finished customizing the text, just click "Save".

Now you're scrolling ticker is ready to display on your EZ-AD TVs!
Scrolling ticker is ready to display